Pure Magic Water Distillers, Distilled Water Systems & Water Purifiers

Pure magic Water DistillerLifestyle Focus Limited is a New Zealand owned company based in Auckland, which supplies a range of high quality Water Distiller products for residential and commercial use. We use Pure Water NZ as the division that sells health products.

We operate as a retail store:
Unit 8

3 Emirali Road,  Highgate

Auckland, 0992

You can also buy our water distiller products online. Lifestyle Health offers excellent quality, top of the line water distillers providing you and your family with a healthier water-loving lifestyle.

99.9% contaminant removal!

Our water distillation process can remove up to 99.9% of all water contaminants leaving you with water as pure as the water from the hills of New Zealand. This process will distill water taken from town supply, tank supply or bore supply and restore pure clean water for you to drink, aiding you in a healthy, contaminate free lifestyle.

We are passionate about healthy living and our vision is to provide the best quality water treatment products to the New Zealand market. That’s why we work to provide our customers with the best options in water distillers bringing you only the best purified water for the home, office, factory or warehouse.

We also offer opportunities to become a reseller of our product range – simply visit our website to find out more. We believe the health benefits of water are immeasurable and since our bodies are made up of 70% of water, why would you want anything less?